Louis Netter is an illustrator, teacher and author. Along with teaching and research, he is also a practising illustrator, animator and printmaker. With observational drawing sparked by his background in reportage as the foundation, his work is shaped by the never-ceasing amazement at the modern folly of social and political constructs (Netter, 2023).

Louis Netter has created a graphic novel called “Lizard World '' with Terry Richard Bazes and a book entitled “Life’s Too Short for Nuance '' which comprises drawings and etchings of America. His clients include: Self Made Hero, Adbusters, Rosarium Press and Claret Press.

Louis Netter is continually on the lookout for inspiring artists. His key artistic influences are George Grosz and Otto Dix where both artists found their inspiration though observing the world then translating it into powerful social commentaries(Embury and Minichiello, 2018).

Louis Netter likes 6B Koh-I-Noor 1900 Pencils for their darkness and softness. Due to the softness, he brings several sharpened ones with him when working on site. He also likes Worther Shorty pencils and Koh-I-Noor graphite sticks as they are able to generate a large range of expressive marks. As for the paper, he uses Daler Rowney cartridge paper as it has the right tooth for his drawing. He also likes Rowney’s hot press watercolour paper.

Working process
Whether the subject is drawn from direct observation or memory, Louis Netter emphasises on drawing on location. He thinks that it greatly informs the outcome and determines its success. He approaches a location with an open mind and seeks places that are either technically hard to draw or a unique part of a city where there is unique human drama or societal issues present. He thinks that when working with clients, one should keep true to themselves and his least successful illustration jobs have been when the art director and himself had very different visions. He believes work imprinted with your personal being and sustains your interest will equally excite your clients.